FDA approves CoV injection EUA for infants and children

Children are being harmed already. The EUA for children will remove liability risk for adult use of a vak product.

A comment to the FDA board, https://rumble.com/embed/v15yv60/?pub=4

Normal channels are compromised. Expecting reason or respect for human rights from the people in charge of this is not working. Citizens’ arrests are needed of all in charge, all involved, and quickly, before more children are maimed or killed.

Children make up a small percent of all people in total, and of all who have received CoV injections. And the percent of children who died of CoV makes up an even smaller percent of total.

This has never been an infection emergency for children. Lockdown, masking, the changes in society, those have been harmful to children.

Graphics via John Cullen, https://twitter.com/I_Am_JohnCullen/status/1537067362561961984?t=sPTL91yUG5qEFvv5WLBwqQ&s=19

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