Control group – needed to show any differences in outcomes.

The Control Group in an experiment is supposed to receive no treatment compared to the experimental treatment in order to evaluate whether there is a difference in either positive or negative outcomes. Did the experimental treatment help the symptoms somehow? Did the experimental treatment cause more side effects of some sort than the problem might occur on average in the untreated population?

The current CoV injections had control groups during the brief initial clinical trials, but then the control group were offered the injections too, and many participants accepted. At that point the ‘experimental group’ became anyone getting the CoV injections and the true control group are any other people who are not getting an experimental injection. So to see a difference between uninjected and injected – we need people to remain uninjected.

This seems plausible, a screenshot of a social media post by Georgia Parker Hilton:

I think I found my answer to WHY they are so desperate to have everyone v@xx3d. They MUST get rid of the “control” group. Go with me here...

  1. The longer we have more than 60% UnJabbed, the easier it is to see the effects on the Jabbed. (That’s what control groups are for in REAL research.)
  2. If 100% v@xx3d can be reached, then the deaths, infertility, and debilitating effects can be blamed on ANYTHING.
  3. Infertility will show up within a year to a year and a half. Heart & lung conditions will show up in around 4 years.
  4. Parma has already stopped their control groups, so we have NO data.
  5. They have less than a year to achieve their goal of 100%, otherwise the difference in the groups will be painfully evident.
  6. This is WHY they are spending BILLIONS of your tax dollars, pressuring, shaming, and threatening you, because their time is short. They didn’t expect people to be this resistant. They are scared & working hard to spin the data, it’s NOT the UnJabbed that are getting sick.
  7. The next few months will be a tipping point.”
Georgia Hilton Parker post Screenshot via (

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes. 

Spike production & Info Page Links

 In people who received a CoV injection (mRNA-1273 vaccine, Moderna) the spike protein was found to be produced within a day or two, peaking at day five, and still present for about two weeks. (114)

*Blogging trivia – Spike Protein Risks & Aids – Summary List – is too long to update any longer. It has material in the Resources section that aren’t in the document, otherwise, the document is much longer with a lot of uncollated notes at the end: Spike Risks & Aids/document.

Butyrate helps with detox, inflammation removal, just like niacin, but more specifically is protecting the colon. Lots more info on how to increase resistant starch and butyrate on my webpage – I had to start a 2nd one for ‘How much?’ Butyrate How Much? / Page one: Resistant Starch/Butyrate is a discussion of how adequate butyrate may be helping prevent severe COVID. The Microbiome page includes more about helping our symbionts – our beneficial bacteria and microbes in our digestive tract. The Zinc page also touches on microbiome health – the beneficial species need zinc. Spending time in forests or on a beach may also help our microbiome and immune function. Omega 3 fatty acids also help, see DHA & Forest Bathing.

The Nutrients page lists dosing ranges for vitamins, minerals and a few other nutrients. The RDA/AI is for adult male, which is generally equal to, or slightly more than the recommendation for adult females, and lower than the recommendation for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Nutrient recommendations are generally based on weight hen calculated individually, so a tiny child might need a 1/4 of an adult dose, a grade schooler may need a 1/2, and a middle schooler might need 3/4, while a teenager may need a little more, especially for an active large male. The Cofactors page is a beginning, it has cofactors used in the Citric Acid Cycle, so far. Magnesium is so important, it also gets its own page.

Pomegranate, juice or peel, Nrf2 Promoting Foods, and many Phytonutrients are protective of health and promote a balanced immune response, instead of underactive or overactive (and an allergy or autoimmune risk). Immunomodulators are discussed in a post about arteminsinin and iron chelators for anemia of chronic inflammation. Citrus peel is also a strong anti-viral and decongestant/anti-asthmatic, helps with digestion and appetite/weight control and blood sugar stability, – however, for people with Mast Cell Overactivity Syndrome, or MCAS/Histamine excess, citrus peel may cause symptoms of histamine excess which can be extreme and odd, behavior and mental changes.

Dielectric orgone blankets, How-To post, are something you can make yourself or order online. They can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Growth of Physicians and Administrators, 1970-2009, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, – 3000% increase in Hospital Administrators, in the same time there has been minimal increase in the number of Physicians. Administrators, don’t take care of patients. What are they doing?

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.

Reference List

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RBCs rouleaux formation, mineral deficiency.

Severe blood clotting after the 2nd jab is likely, especially with strong EMF and mineral deficiency. Increase in globulin proteins may be involved in the rouleaux, red blood cell stacking seen w GO & post jab blood smears.

Red blood cells from the same person before and after the CoV injections. (2)

Rouleaux formation (Red blood cells, RBCs, stacking like a tower of coins) happens more often in equine blood cells than human due to a difference in the strength of the electrical charge on the surface proteins. The sialic protein of their blood cells has a weaker negative charge – less strength to repel other negatively charged blood cells.

  • Horse red blood cells are thought to form rouleaux because they have decreased negative charge (altered zeta potential) on their red blood cells.” (1)

Video about the stacking effect after jabs, especially after the second. The narrative in French switches to English shortly into the video. (2) The rouleaux stacking of RBCs was more likely when EMF was present and the blood had low mineral levels. {*Magnesium has a protective effect against EMF activation of TRP calcium channels. post} The clotting was found to be so thick after the second shot that it was deadly. Blood doesn’t even flow from a finger stick when they take samples from a CoV double injected person. (2)

Erythrocytes account for about 66% of the manganese in whole blood, whereas the “buffy coat”–platelets and leukocytes–accounts for about 30%.” (3)

The buffy coat layer of the blood only makes up 1% of the total blood volume, (4), and red blood cells do not have mitochondria so the difference in manganese is likely the difference in mitochondrial MnSOD. The erythrocytes 99% of the blood, the RBCs, have 66% of the blood manganese, while the 1%, platelets and white blood cells have 30%. (3, 4)

Manganese Superoxide dismutase, MnSOD, is necessary for survival.

Lab mice and fruitflies bred to have a defective gene for making MnSOD did not survive. Mice with one of the two copies defective and one functional survive but are more at risk from oxidative stress.

  • Studies using mice (182) and fruit flies (40) demonstrated that MnSOD gene knockout is lethal; while MnSOD heterozygous mice with haplo-insufficiency can survive but are more susceptible to oxidative injury (169171). The crucial role of MnSOD in protecting cells against oxidative stress has been extensively studied and thoroughly reviewed (7589123130150161), pointing to the critical roles of MnSOD in maintaining cellular physiology in response to genotoxic conditions, such as oxidative stress.” (5)

Manganese may have been a causal factor in the UK outbreak of Mad Cow prion disease, CJDv.

Organophosphate chemicals can include metals and may have been a causal factor of Mad Cow Disease, however the research was suppressed in the UK instead of being further studied for confirmation. (6, 7) Toxic manganese can be one of the problem metals. (6)

My reply: I have been wondering if the graphene o. is affecting manganese in platelet’s mitochondria > rouleaux effect. and maybe that would cause the manganese to be in a dangerous form instead of beneficial as in the CJD research you linked to.

There has been a case of prion disease with an onset shortly after having CoV injections. (8) A COVID19 patient also had prion disease develop. (9) The spike protein may be a risk factor for prion disease developing. (10, 11)

  • On July 12, a second lumbar puncture came back positive for CJD — a prion disease. Cheryl’s tau protein value was 38,979 pg/ml, while the spectrum for CJD positive patients is 0 – 1,149.” (8)

The injection version of the spike protein was modified and may be more dangerous rather than less so. (15) The S1 subunit can separate and both S1 and S2 subunits may lead to misfolded proteins. The S1 part can be released free from the cell while the S2 part stays connected and the interaction with surface proteins may also be recognized as an autoimmune protein.

  • But it’s far worse, as the vaccines do not cause your body to make the same spike protein as SARS-CoV-2 but one that has been genetically modified, making it far more toxic.” – Long-Term Damage from COVID Vaccination (15)
  • Screening for prion disease in CoV injected people with symptoms is a plan in the works, contact person, Adam Gaertner

Graphene oxide is stable chemically but may be involved in unusual physiology, if the system is chemically unstable due to EMF or mineral deficiencies. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Graphene oxide as an ingredient of the nano-lipoparticles in the injections may also be a factor in prion risk, (12), if it is effecting manganese in platelets. (6) Manganese superoxide dismutase and graphene oxide are reactive and combinations are being studied for medication use (13), and for industrial use. (14)

Booster jabs will likely keep increasing the risk of the severe RBC stacking reaction as it would be adding more graphene oxide with each dose. Clearing graphene oxide from our bodies may not occur readily as it is very stable chemically.

Mineral deficiency of magnesium or manganese may be a risk factor for the rouleaux effect.

EMF fields plus graphene oxide content in a mineral deficient person may be combined factors in the rouleaux effect seen in platelets of CoV injected patients. (2) Magnesium helps prevent calcium entry into cells or mitochondria which can overactivate them and cause harm if excessive, possibly caused by a strong EMF device. Deficiency would increase risk. Deficiency in manganese would also increase risk of oxidative stress within mitochondria as MnSOD is the main antioxidant within mitochondria. (16)

Excerpt from a paper about 5G EMF

Nrf2 deficiency may increase risk for lack of MnSOD as it promotes our production of the antioxidant.

Manganese superoxide dismutase is something we have to make for ourselves – and the increased need for it during increased oxidative stress explains the benefit of Nrf2 promoting nutrients mentioned in a recent post. The Nrf2 gene and protein promote our own production of MnSOD. (16) We would also need manganese, and magnesium. (17)

Early data suggests 3rd jabs are hockey sticking the death rate (exponential increase) (18):

3rd dose launched on July 30th“, @MConceptions (18)

An autopsy had to be personally paid for, as well as being demanded and sought out. The autopsy did show the sudden death was due to the CoV injections the person had been given. (19) How can we “Follow the science” if basic procedures such as autopsy is not being performed? And in the case of sudden deaths that are occurring during a medical experiment? All adverse events during a medical experiment should be studied in depth and recorded. Instead autopsy and research seems to be being prevented?

Illegal directives need to be resisted, not complied with, a unified show of resistance by the people is needed.

Unity and strength is needed. The way to fight illegal directives, not passed by Congress, or not Constitutional, is to not comply. An apology later is not going to help an injury, and is unlikely to appear. Teamwork by many, many people is the way to turn down the government or business direction to keep jabbing, or to have jab ID’S- the jabbed need to not accept a ‘privilege’ based on their status, and not participate in an apartheid system.

Image of an Immunization card that is cut in half – apartheid rules need to be resisted.

Disclaimer: This information is being provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use.

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Aids, notes:

Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, is a well absorbed form for topical soaks. Poor intestinal absorption can be a problem, especially if there is a gene difference in the TRPM6 ion channel gene.

Epsom salt soak, 20-40 minutes with a handful, one cup of magnesium sulfate
(a type of salt that isn’t Table salt, Sodium chloride).

4a. Self care strategies,,

C19 Protocols:

contaminants found in jabs, report:

“COVID affects the intestines. Serotonin is mostly produced in the intestines. therefore, it is important to put in order the microflora (bifido + lactobacilli + broad-spectrum digestive enzymes) + add griffonia and orange, and berberine to eliminate inflammation.” – @bichikota

“These studies demonstrate that baicalein attenuates mitochondrial oxidative stress by activating Nrf2-mediated MnSOD induction.”

Iver who?

The coronavirus gene treatment approval was based on there being no available treatments. Emergency Use Approval requires an emergency with no treatments.

MANY things can help reduce severity or risk of viral infection.

Hydroxychloroquine, and more recently, Ivermectin, are being given negative media attention, an misleading tactics to reduce use or interest in Ivermectin. Meanwhile, Japan is now recommending use of Ivermectin. Contaminants were found by the Japanese in many vial of the injections that were sampled that were reactive to magnets.

Testing elsewhere found a type of live parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, (Chagas Disease), that can cause a myocarditis condition, which can be treated by the anti-parasitic medication IVERMECTIN.


“Japan is now issuing Ivermectin for all COVID patients, but the CDC says it doesn’t work.” – meme, by unknown source. Thanks.

Contaminants report, shared in part, here: (

Contaminants in medical products is not a new issue. Smog in industrial areas contains nanoparticles of heavy metals among other aerosolized particles such as virus. Making quality soup is harder then it looks. Imagine making sterile biologic goo, and lots of tiny bottles, having to fill them and seal them in a sterile method with no microscopic dust fragments – in a world where the air itself has metal nanoparticles & virus – a quality product is not easy.

Rushing the development of the production methods and having to switch from smaller early batches to enormous mass production batches would also increase contaminant risk from the mRNA possibly having more fragmented variations than the desired sequence.

I’m not trying to defend contamination in medical products. Simply – this is not a first time, or unknown problem. It is a big problem really, the air, smog issue in industrial places – not good for injected product quality. This is an industry wide issue >> My goal would be to limit the total number of injectable treatments – preserve skin integrity is a goal of dietetics – prevent skin breakdown outside or in.

List of types of contaminants found by CoV injection brand. – Source and validity unknown, except it does seem similar to the report details that I read.

Myocarditis causes lasting heart damage and seems to occur more frequently in younger age groups, leaving the young people with heart damage for the rest of their lives.

Myocarditis cases by age group.. Source unknown.

Disclaimer: This information is being shared within the guidelines of Fair Use for educational purposes. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.