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Gab: @JennyD – a supplement dispensary site with a catalog of 20,000+ products from many companies. People who sign up under my account can browse the catalog and get a 20% discount. I can email individuals but need to include a product recommendation – you don’t have to buy it. How to reply or ask questions there is not clear to me yet. – use Coupon Code JENNYRD for a five percent discount on Dr. Zelenko’s products. I am an authorized affiliate marketer for the Z-Stack TM and Z-Detox TM products. Children’s Z-stack TM chewable gummies are now available for preorder.

These products are not inexpensive, and you could likely save money by looking for the individual supplements – but that adds up in money too, and number of capsules to swallow. Whatever works! and Food counts too.

Gingko biloba in tree form. Nature is beautiful and healing.

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